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Issues with my SD card

I bought a new Go Pro Hero5 Black last week. It was working fine with the SD card it currently has then decided to not work.
It was portraying these messages. I would record footage, it would take FOREVER trying to save to which I just gave up and turned it off. when it would turn back on, it would say trying to recieve file and failed or something like that, meaning it failed to save my previous footage.


I thought i was being impatient so i left it to save one time, went to the post office and was gone for 20 minutes. still trying to save when i came home and the gopro was quite hot so i turned it off.

Then it would go onto saying these

I did do the thing were you go into preferences and delete all the information on the SD card and renew it or something like that. It worked after I did that, so happy it was fixed i turned it off. next time i turned it on again, the same, thing. can someone please help.

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Re: Issues with my SD card

Sounds like you need a new SD card. What card (make/model/size/class) are you using? Please provide all of the information like this: Samsung Pro 32GB UHS-1
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Re: Issues with my SD card

I have been having the same issues.  We went out and purchased brand new SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card with speed up to 95 MB/s 633x.


We are actually on our 3d GoPro 5 Black from them.  First two were sent back, now on our 3rd.


Updated the firmware, charged the battery.  Turned on the camera and let it sit on the table, under the air conditioner.  It would say that it is recording.  Looked at 33 minutes and the counter stopped clicking up.


Hit stop, it took well over 20 minutes to blink saving.  Then nothing.


Let the unit cool down, turned off the GPS, fired it back up again and let it go.


After 33 minutes of recording again, this time it stated that it recorded.  BUT, when pluged into the computer to let it download.  The first 17 minutes and 41 seconds was only saved.


I have 8 other files in their software that also only has recording time of 17 minutes and 41 seconds.


WIth this being our 3rd camera, i have no clue if we are doing something wrong or not.   We are about ready to ask for our money back.


Thanks  Mike

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Re: Issues with my SD card

Your camera does not film one long continuous file but rather "chapters" it into several smaller files.
The information in this article is the same for the Hero5 as it is for the Hero4