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Issues powering GoPro Fusion and accessing files

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I am trying to extend the Fusion's battery life for use on a high-altitude balloon, with a required recording duration of at least 4 hours (the stated duration should be ~80 minutes with the internal battery). However, whenever a battery is plugged in via USB (regardless of the voltage), the Fusion's red light briefly turns on and the battery does not charge. Although the Fusion is stated to be capable of charging while in operation (while recording, presumably), when it is plugged in to a wall-mounted power source and begins recording, the battery status on the screen changes to indicate as if it is not recording; recording with an external battery plugged in yields no difference in recording duration.


I tried powering the Fusion with only an external battery connected via USB using AA batteries and a 2-cell LiPo; when 4 AA batteries were connected in series, the battery at the cathode would drop to 0.25V within a matter of a few minutes, though 3 batteries had no such anomalies (however, the Fusion does not seem to operate normally with only 3 cells - the screen flickers and recording is inconsistent). A 2-cell LiPo battery seems to work fine - the number of videos recorded increases after recording, though I cannot tell how the Fusion's ability to record fares as I can no longer access the files on the SD cards; reading the SD cards directly indicates that some files have been created while recording with the LiPo but are not directly readable (the dates of some files are strange and some file sizes are 0KB or ~512KB). On previous occasions, this meant that the files would be accessible only within Fusion Studio, but Fusion Studio becomes stuck on "Finding your Fusion"; trying to import 360 files from the SD card into Fusion Studio yields the following error:

"(218) Can't render [filename.mp4]. Some files were not imported", following which it returns to the "Get Started with Fusion Studio" menu.


Any assistance on these issues would be very helpful.


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Re: Issues powering GoPro Fusion and accessing files

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You need to use a proper power rated output for your Fusion to work, if powering externally, you need to remove the internal battery first.


Please note that if you are powering your camera externally, your camera will no longer be waterproof and there will be stitch lines visible due to the fact you will have a power chord sticking out the side of your camera which will interfere with stitching.


I use this:

It works extremely well and I've used this for recording overnight video's and timelapses with no issues.