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Is there no way to turn off audio compression on Hero 6 Black?

We're using a Hero 6 Black with the latest (02.01) software.


I've done several searches, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to turn off audio-compression on the Hero 6 Black. So I'm asking here, just in case there's something I've missed. We use our Hero 6 Black near the front of the stage, in multicamera video shoots of plays and musicals. When a scene is mainly quiet -- say, just dialog -- the Hero 6 boosts the background noise (such as air conditioning) WAY up, making the recorded audio totally unusable.

Is there no way to turn off audio compression??

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Re: Is there no way to turn off audio compression on Hero 6 Black?

Hello @erniet32757. There is no way to turn off audio compression.. Essentially, if there is no other audio for the camera to pick up, it will boost the audio gain control in an attempt to pick up any available audio, and as a side effect, more white noise can be heard. Is the camera near to large/ high-powered networking devices when used during shoots? It would be best for us to get a sample of the videos where you observe the issue so we can review camera behavior and help you best. To do this, please contact our Support team through . They will walk you through the next steps.