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Is the $100 off offer for trading in an old digital camera good on top of advertised $100 discount?

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The advertised price on the website is $299, but shows that $100 is taken off an original price of $399. There is also an offer for $100 when you ship in and trade in an old digital camera. Are those two separate offers that can be used together, or is that the same $100 discount? What will my final price be if I trade in a camera?

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Re: Is the $100 off offer for trading in an old digital camera good on top of advertised $100 discou

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As per terms and conditions offers cannot be combined.


$100 is taken off the original sales price of $399.  So you would pay $299 if you traded in your old camera and you would not get a free SD card.


If you purchase the camera without trade in, you also pay $299 and you get a free SD card.  


Honestly for the extra bit of cash, their bundle deal is the best value.  


Having said that.....  it takes time for sales orders to go through, shipping could also be delayed due to the whole covid19 thing and if there's any issues with your camera and you need a refund or exchange, that could be a lengthy shipping process too.


If you buy the camera from a local retail store you can get it for the same price usually (if they price match), you have it that day, and if there's an issue, you can bring it directly back to the store.


One more thing, when you do get your camera, register it online and keep your receipt!