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Is it worth an upgrade to the upcomming Hero 6?

IDK i just bought one online and its comming today should i wait or use $50 Gopro Hero 3+ Silver

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Re: Is it worth an upgrade to the upcomming Hero 6?

As long as the company is in business  iti s a 50/50 call.

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Re: Is it worth an upgrade to the upcomming Hero 6?

@fishycomics wrote:

As long as the company is in business  iti s a 50/50 call.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, "As long as the company is in business" but I can assure you that GoPro will be n business and will be releasing the Hero6.  



I'm not sure I completely follow your post.  You ordered a Hero5 Black but can get a Hero3+ for $50, and you are considering getting the Hero3+ and then waiting for the Hero6?


It really comes down to what you will be using the camera for.  The Hero3+ Black is a very good camera.  I would not get the Hero3+ Silver over a Hero Session. Ther Hero5 Black is a great camera and much better than the previous Hero cameras. If this is your first GoPro camera I don't think you wil be disapointed with it.  One thing to keep in mind when considering any GoPro not in the Hero5 lineup is that they are not intergrated into the current GoPro software as well as the Hero5's and you will be limited in the functionality.


Deciding to wait for the Hero6 really depends on what you need to use the camera for and what you are hoping to see in the Hero6 that is not present in the Hero5. With Hero5 you get: waterproof without a case, a vast array of resolutions, field of view and fps options including 4K/30fps 1080/120fps 720/240 fps and fields of view that include Superview and Linear (non-fish eye), EIS, Voice Commands, Touch Screen, RAW photos, WDR photos, Protune audio recording, GPS metadata, multi select spot metering, Quik Capture, compatability with one of the smoothest hand held stabilizers in the market (Karma Grip), night shots, adjustable ISO and shutter speeds, auto upload to GoPro Plus Cloud service, auto video edit and creation with GoPro QuikStories, and GoPro Protune settings. If you need more than that you can certainly wait to see if the Hero6 comes with the additional features you need.

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Re: Is it worth an upgrade to the upcomming Hero 6?

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the hero 3+ has infinity focus issues .


i wait on the next gen while October is near, but more likely a new camera can be out in 2018 and rumors in feb 2018.  gopro keeps quitte on releases.


Dan knows what i mean he is in the same boat.  He thought the comments to him it means they need tyo improve their support big time to keep customers and recall your hero 5  as you can simply reasd all posts here. or should i have sait it like this:


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Re: Is it worth an upgrade to the upcomming Hero 6?

I have to disagree with the Hero 3+ Silver comment.  It depends on what the user is planning on doing.  Sure the Session will give you a better image as it is a newer generation GoPro vs the Hero 3 line but you cannot change the battery on the Session which limits you to only 2 hours or so of recording. 


For my purposes, I would choose an original Hero HD over a Session simply because I shoot video all day long and need to swap batteries.   This rules the Session out for me even though the video is a lot better.  

If that is all the user intends to record during the day, I would say yes get the Session.  However, if you are wanting a camera to shoot video all day, then the Hero 3+ Silver would be the better choice.   I run 3 Hero 3+ Silvers and am very happy with the video quality - it is a good camera plus the battery life is very good compared to the Hero 3 line - even beats the Hero 5 Black for battery life.   With a battery bacpac, it will record 720p / 60fps for 4 1/2 hours.   About 2 1/2 hours on a reg battery.

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Re: Is it worth an upgrade to the upcomming Hero 6?

I'm all about the image quality. The Hero 5 Black has great image quality. The Hero5 Black has some great options like Raw image capture that were great improvements over previous models. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing how it works with the Karma system. Any new features? I have chosen to upgrade most every model since Hero3 Black, so I'll probably get one. We still use the older GoPros and they still work great. If I bought a Hero6 it would not be replacement, but just an addition to the arsenal.