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Is anyone at GoPro actually listening?

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I bought a GoPro 7 Black to upgrade my old Hero Hd.  The 7 Black is amazing but when I look up the problems I have run across over the past few days I can only wonder if anyone at GoPro is actually listening to the complaints of it's customers.   File time stamps set to Greenwich mean time?????  Overheating when filming at higher data rates????  Exfat records in 4gb file segments that are randomly assigned numbers and letters?????  Extremely short battery life????  No Customer support (go to the Support Hub and ask someone there because no-one is listening at GoPro Support)  The same problems appear on your website since GoPro 4.  This is a great camera if you only want to film 5 minute (or less) segments in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees.  So why don't you advertise it as a camera with these limited capabilities???? Or are you a company that just rides on their reputation? I am truly disappointed!!

You won't let me post this with a customer support label because there is no customer support...

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Re: Is anyone at GoPro actually listening?

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It's a shame How GoPro treats People. it really is.  And they have No Customer support.  Here is a short story and  I tell you what wins us over


I went shopping at a Major store, they chose to lose the sale, I went to a Mom and Pop store, I got treated ten times better, and  did not have to  bargain, got a great deal  with  extras..   This holds true for  a small camera company like Mobius, out of warranty, all I did was ask, and All I had to do was pay my own shipping. and I was  taken care of. Wit hGoPro, they Leave you in Death valley high and dry    hoping you go away!!!!!


 truth be told no one  wants to listen , they are brainwashed on gopro...