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Is LCD GoPro Black 5 defective?

Hello everyone,

I just bought brand new GoPro Black 5 on February 2019. After few days, I recoginzed that there are some dark spots or sth called like that in LCD (see included photos) with the normal light from the sky (indoor house). These dark spots disappear when GoPro Black 5 with the light from desk lamp. Is that defected products from GoPro? I also compare it with cheap LCD from pocket calculator.


Looking for any advices. Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Is LCD GoPro Black 5 defective?

they also are on the Hero 6 and Hero 7 that is the Norm of this camera a prism like effect when on & off

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Re: Is LCD GoPro Black 5 defective?

@fishycomics : Do you know how long for these spots dispear? After turn on 5 or 10 minutes? I think it is due to LCD degrade  after some years?