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Is Hero 8 Black bundle a scam?

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Has anyone else had the issue of ordering a bundle and only receiving a subscription ? I recently order a Hero 8 bundle, received an email saying verify your email thinking it was to confirm order to receive tax invoice only to realise what I had done was activate my GoPro plus subscription($79). When I enquires about my tax invoice for shipment tracking I was told my order was cancelled because of payment issues. Now I have a subscription without a camera. Does GoPro honour the bundle price or this some type of scam to purchase software that is pointless without hardware?
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Re: Is Hero 8 Black bundle a scam?

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When an order get's cancelled it's usually your credit company doing it.  

The subscription and camera get billed seperately.  The credit company usually doesn't have a problem with small charges to payment centers (so subscription is fine).  However when it's suddenly billed for a couple of hundred dollars the credit card company raises a red flag as it suspects the card is being used fraudulantly.  This results in your camera purchase being cancelled.  I have had this happen a number of times when purchasing drone parts.  A simple $300 charge ends up in my payment being cancelled.


Since these things are automated, there is usually no review process for anyone to look at, however a 2nd charge will usually go through as it's then regarded as legit.  So you'll end up having to place the order again.  Contact GoPro customer support directly, let them know what happened, and they can either refund you the subscription and get you to purchase again, or they may give you a discount code you can use to purchase the camera and items seperately from the subscription (you now already have).  Do the math first, the discount code usually works out better (just don't log in first as you can't combine it with your subscription discount).