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Hi Folks,


Sorry if this is a boring question but here goes anyway:


I would like to store either photos of videos of inventory on an excel spread sheet. I know I can do this by taking the photo(s) then coping and pasting the photos into the required cells on excel.


But I need to take over 4000 photos, so I would like to connect the Gopro to a laptop(pc), click on a cell in excel, take a photo, the photo transfers to my computer automatically, then the link to the photo automatically appears in that excel cell.


Likewise, for a video, I simply click on a cell, take a video, then the video transfers to the computer and the link to the video appears in excel.


In both cases I would like a preview of the image of video to appear in the excel cell.


I think I could use a tether and this method to do the job.


Does anyone know a simpler way, I don't mind buying some software if it's available?

To make things more complicated I'll need to move the photos from my laptop onto a network afterwards, but I would like the excel links to remain valid.


I'll post this on an excel forum also, but just thought that Gopro's might be used for this type of cataloguing.