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International warranty

Hi, I live in the UK but I'm traveling in Japan at the moment, if I decide to buy a camera from Japan at a BIC Camera store, will it have an international warranty if i have any problems with it when I come back to UK?
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Re: International warranty

Call your Regional gopro   at their numbers are listed there as well a chat.  you can buy thecamera, keep the reciept in a safe place if and when you need a warranty that you can do but if you need a return policy replacement that will be hte hardest, you must return  at the store of purchase, onlyfor a return.  hope that helps  this was asked two days ago here.

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Re: International warranty

@loyalrange68811, there shouldn't be any issues with that. GoPro products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects 1 year (2 years for EU) from the original date of purchase. Note that the warranty is also based on the location where you purchased the camera from. We suggest keeping your receipt or other similar document received when you got the product. 


For further details, you can check this article: 


If you purchased the camera in the EU, please see our EU warranty page here: