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Intermittent stabilization issue

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Over the last 5 uses of the camera, I'm experiencing intermittent stabilization issues throughout the footage. The camera is set in bike mode, and it's fully updated to the most recent software. The footage quality seems to drift in and out. at worse it seems out of focus and jittery. this happens on brighter and darker days. My settings are :





low light N/A

Zoom 1.0x


bit rate High

Shutter Auto

EV Comp -1.0

White Balance Auto

iso min 100

iso max 1600

sharpness low

colour gopro


It usually ends up with 50% being scrap footage. I've tried numerous other settings, but it seems I get this issue on all settings?

I've tried a reset and tried different memory cards.


Heres a small example


Can anyone advise please?





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Re: Intermittent stabilization issue

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Hypersmooth is fantastic and can give one a gimbal like smooth experience even on the roughest of terrian....... providing you're filming in bright daylight in direct sunlight with no dark area's.


You're filming in a dark forest, in shade ego, Hypersmooth is going to look blurry and terrible.  The higher the setting (and you have it on boost) the worse it's going to look.


Hypersmooth needs a LOT of light yet you've maxed out your ISO at 1600.  Since you're filming in a dark area, not only do you need to set your ISO up as high as possible, you also need to manually adjust your shutter speed to give the best results.  The faster the shutter speed, the higher the ISO you'll need. 


This is the only way to make Hypersmooth work when your'e not shooting on broad daylight with little to no shadows around.  

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Re: Intermittent stabilization issue

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This issue occurs whilst shooting in both darker and bright areas. The jittering, in fact is worse in brighter areas, and can look like there's no stability on at all. It lasts usually for about 30 seconds to a minute, then snaps back to perfect again.

I've been in touch with Gopro, they have stated its an abnormal issue and have warrantied it for me.