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Initial set up. Where are photos stored?

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Hi - I have just set up my Hero 7 Black, downloaded the App onto IPad, connected camera to iPad and taken first photos, which I can see on the IPad.  So far so good.  Can you tell me where the photos are actually stored?  Are they just on the Micro SD card and the App is reading from there?  Or is the App downloading from SD card up into the cloud somewhere?  I was expecting to have to download from SD onto laptop to make sure videos are safe.  Is that not the case?  Thanks in advance and appreciate the help. Cheers Jon

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Re: Initial set up. Where are photos stored?

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Hi @rapidwave03733


Did you download the files from your camera to the app?

If yes, the files are stored on the app's folder.

View, Copy, and Delete Media Using the GoPro App


If you wish to copy the files to your computer see:

Import Camera Files to a Computer - Windows 10

Import Camera Files to a Computer - Mac


I hope this helps.