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Incorrect creation time for all GOPROs????? It's freaking annoying me all the times

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Why can't this simple problem be fixed for many years? I do not understand at all.
I have searched exactly same questions and complains about this matter for a couple of years but have never modified via Gopro team for years! how come??

When videos are taken by several devices, you can never sort it by time-flow since Only Gopro has incorrect creation time metadata based on GMT 0+.
This time zone problem related to metadata's creation time is very serious problem in my opinion because it's always very freaking annoying problem to sort files by recorded time and almost impossible when video files captured by gopro are mixed with other videos from other devices.

As required by Gopro answer machine, I manually put right time and date but when I download videos to computer via Gopro quik or directly from SD card,
I kept gopro's latest firmware which is now v02.60.00 and I tried many times to connect via quik(desktop) and Gopro app(Mobile) to correct this time zone setting problem but was meaningless **bleep**.

Can somebody help me this incorrect time problem to solve?

Because of support team of Gopro, I am very disappointed and will never buy gopro nor recommend to try to others.
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Re: Incorrect creation time for all GOPROs????? It's freaking annoying me all the times

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Hello @z2468277


Sorry to hear about the trouble. This has already been reported to the team. We are waiting for an update and will keep you posted once the update is available. 


Best regards,