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Incorrect Time

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I know I am flogging a dead horse here as I have gone though the forums and found that the issue surrounding incorrect time stamp on videos has been around for a long time and for some reason, despite is paying hundreds of dollars for cameras, they have failed to correct the issue.


I shake my head at companies that have a glaring issue and just ignore it fixing bugs here and there that really don't affect many people and leave this issue which effects everyone.


So, GoPro staff who are reading this, why have you failed to fix this problem? Why have you ignored the many people who have taken the time to write here and directly? I really want to know why when I look at other responses your pat answer is "we will ass this on to the team" Well the "team" is not listening.


I spent $500 on a new Hero 9 along with a bunch of extras, and batteries as you changed that, so stop messing around and get the programmers to fix this issue.


Very frustrated customer who maybe looking at the other action camera.




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Re: Incorrect Time

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Hi @gpitman


Sorry for any trouble caused.

Are you checking the date/time via the GoPro App or through a computer?

The reset usually happens when the camera has not been used for some time or if the battery has been removed.





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Re: Incorrect Time

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It’s not a reset, the date time stamp is not correct for videos, photos are fine. This is a known issue and it is frustrating that it has not been fixed yet.