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In-car footage

I’ve got a Hero 7, and have been using GoPro’s for years, but still can’t find the optimum settings for interior car shots- track footage is always really washed out when I’ve got the camera mounted to my helmet (interior looks fine).
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Re: In-car footage

You need to use exposure control (pg 44-46).

Spot metering is the easiest solution, but you can play with the settings until you get the best results.
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Re: In-car footage



as @danielr15 said, I use always in car spot meter.


the picture below, is one of the most challenging light meter, when the sun is in the front.


I try to put the spot meter area as the red area because I'm interested to "see" the road.

camera will set the exposure mainly for this area not considering the entire frame. 





if I let on auto the spot meter (meaning the entire area), the camera will try to compensate for the powerful light of the sun, and the rest of the image is darker:


GPTempDownload (2).jpg



just me,


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Re: In-car footage

Thanks so much Daniel!
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Re: In-car footage

Awesome. I’m already seeing better results with the on-screen spot meter. Thanks so much!
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Re: In-car footage

Careful with the spot clears out with a power cycle.   


So, reset it each time.


Or, once u gain confidence do a fixed correction to the exposure via ProTune's Exposur Compensation.   This survives power cycling the camerar off and back on for a new shoot.  


Just keep the settings in mind as you change shooting or time of day, non in-car etc. 

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Re: In-car footage

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I've also had very good results using a gradient filter.  This will darken the sky but leave the road clear.  So you can achieve some very good results with these types of filters.  I find by using a gradient filter I can get a much darker sky but without darkening the road as to miss out any details.