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Improve the GPS signal for Gopro Hero 7

Hi there,
Currently, I use GoPro Hero 7 camera. Video quality is very good at 1080 resolution but the gps signal in very small alleys is not good. It is deviated too far from its real position.
Are there any solutions to improve the gps signal?
Please help me with your knowlegde.
Thank you all.

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Re: Improve the GPS signal for Gopro Hero 7

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You can get an app call UAV forecast to know if the conditions are good or not. You will want to go into the settings and turn off GLONASS and Galileo. You will get the best results on days where there are 9+ available satellites, a kp under 4, and when the camera has a clear view of a blue, not overcast, sky. Avoid using around buildings or other structures whenever possible as they block signals and also can create multi-path propagation (bouncing signals that give bad data). Considering your comments references "very small alleys" I suspect this is where the issue is coming from.


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Re: Improve the GPS signal for Gopro Hero 7

GPS has a lot more to do with the Surrounding.s. Alley way/ has what blockage, and GPS  needs to be where, in the Open.  SO yes b all play factors.   and we won;t have aquracy if asked. if they improve and drop a sat or two so we can  connect faster.

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Re: Improve the GPS signal for Gopro Hero 7

Thank you alot for your reponse, i know that always the problem of gps with the area has alot of buildings or homes...and we need to avoid these areas to get better gps signal. However, i am collecting for map digitization, so i have to travel on the 'very small alley' to not miss any roads on map. Actually, the gps is terrible in these areas as my description, i knew the 'very small alley' is the reason but i can not avoid it because of my work property.
I just hope that i can find out some solutions from all you guys...though i know it is hard.
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Re: Improve the GPS signal for Gopro Hero 7

Ive found it best to lay my Hero5 and Hero7 on its back facing the sky for a few minutes.  Try to let it see as much sky as possible.  More sky = more satellites. Once it gets a good read on 8 or 10 satellites it will stay pretty accurate even in doors till you turn it off again.