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Imported Footage Truncated on Hero 9 Black / GoPro Quick

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When importing files from my Hero 9 Black into GoPro Quick, the length of footage is capped at exactly 11:47.  For any video that exceeds that length, GoPro Quick only imports the first 11:47, and leaves the remainder of the video on the GoPro storage media without importing it.


Has anyone else experienced something similar (and knows what's going on here)?


I can view the full footage by mounting the SD card as a storage volume and opening the file, so I'm not sure why GoPro quick cuts it off at exactly that duration.

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Re: Imported Footage Truncated on Hero 9 Black / GoPro Quick

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GoPro files are capped at 4GB in size.  This is called Chaptering and it's done to protect your footage from damage in the case of a power loss or other incident.  Once a file exceeds 4GB, the file is closed and a new file is created.  you can then join these files together to make one seamless clip in any good video editor.