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Import stitched Fusion 360 footage into iOS app?

So I've upgraded from the Fusion to the Max, and I really love being able to edit everything on my iOS device. Using OverCapture with the device gyroscope rather than keyframes let's me create clips quickly.


I have a lot of stitched 360 fusion files on my Windows desktop. Is there anyway to get these back into the GoPro iOS app so I can edit them with OverCapture? I've been reframing with the Premiere plugin, but it's too time consuming with the type of footage I have. I don't have the Fusion anymore, so I'm not sure how to get these into the app.


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Re: Import stitched Fusion 360 footage into iOS app?

Doubtful, the footage processed in the APP is a "lite" version, it's heavily compressed and has a quality reduction as a result.  The footage "stitched" on a windows PC can be GB in size and too huge for your iPhone to handle.  Also whereas the GoPro App recognizes 360 degree footage, it's likely that this is not natively supported by your iPhone and therefore it wouldn't allow import anyway.  


You can always edit the footage you already have in windows and output it as a finished video file in Premier Pro.  Then import that footage into your iPhone and use your iPhones video editor to combine it with your GoPro app footage (once you've edited the GoPro app footage and "shared" it with your iPhone).