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Implssible to permanently rotate video

Already second time it happened!

All thou I ALWAYS filming stright the video saved on the side (rotated 90¤)

And it is impossible to rotate it back to normal, cause it does rotates video in GoProQuick,

but it doesn't do it in the file folder, and as soon video moved to another folder and

readded to the GoProQuick - it again on the side!

Same with the changing of the date of the video - I wrote it in another topic.


So there is 3 bugs>


1. Video that filmed stright are saved rotated.

2. No possifility to rotate video permanently (that it rotated even in the folder)

3. No possibility to change date of the video permanently.

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Re: Implssible to permanently rotate video

Here is the printscreen of the file that is rotated and the same way it looks on the GoPro screen - on the side,

while all other videos are normal - horisontal.

The same problem I've had that I described in my previous post

(thou I couldn't answer earlier, so I'm adding screenshot i this post instead).


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Re: Implssible to permanently rotate video

Video that I took normally flipped 90 degree when moved to pc. [ New ]

I remember filming this and I deffinitely held camera normally (horisontally),

but when I moved all videos to my pc, only this one

now rotated 90 degree,

1. the question is how come that it is on the side now (it is not vertical as in the phone, but flipped 90 degree) - why?

2. and then I did flipped it back to normal in quik, but it still flipped when I see it in regular explorer and if I want to watch it

in vlc... so the second question is how to rotate it permanently.
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Re: Implssible to permanently rotate video

[ Edited ]

Hi @eugens02812,


Are you using HERO7 Black? I reckon that the video in question was actually recorded in portrait orientation. See Landscape vs. Portrait Capture for reference.


I did a few tests on my end using HERO7 Black and I got the following result when I recorded portrait and landscape videos similar to the screenshot you attached.


You mentioned that you were holding the screen up right and not on portrait when you started shooting the video. What might have happened is that, the display screen switched from landscape to portrait before you hit the Shutter button. The orientation is locked when you press the record button. Thus, if your camera tilts from landscape to portrait during recording, your video will tilt too.


Changing the footage orientation in Quik for Desktop will not affect the original file that's saved in your computer. This will only change the content's display setting within the application.


If you want to rotate the video and save it, as also mentioned on your previous post, you may use third-party applications like Pinnacle Studio HD, Davinci Resolve,  Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Elements and Apple's iMovie and Final Cut X.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Implssible to permanently rotate video

The whole video is filmed horizontally when I play it as well as the other one that I've got the same way rotated.
If I'd started to film while it was in a portrait orientation then I'd have to see the rotation of the camera in the beginning of the video, but there is none.
Or am i wrong?
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Re: Implssible to permanently rotate video

Not necessarily. There is a delay from when the internal gyroscope registers the rotation and the camera's processor adjust the orientation FOV. If the camera was still in portrait mode (even though you had adjusted it to horizontal UP) and you started the recording, the video would not show this change of orientation.

If you want all of your video too be recorded in horizontal mode, just go into Preferences>Display Settings and change the orientation to UP.
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Re: Implssible to permanently rotate video

Press mode on.  swipe dowm press preference scroll to touch display and LOCK your landscape. next time it will not  film side ways.


do use it and problem resolved