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Images and videos are black and blank


I have Gopro hero 4 black.

When I try viewing my videos or images on my computer the big most of them are just black.

This happens also when I insert the sd card directly to the computer.

It also happened when i tried viewing the imgs on the Gopro app.

Any ideas why this is happenning?

Added a Prnt Screen of how it looks like.

black imgs.png
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Re: Images and videos are black and blank

@agiledive211 - It's possible there is some type of corruption going on with the files. Is there anything different about the ones that do show up vs. the ones that don't? For example, were they moved onto your computer some way that is different than the others?


Also, what SD card are you using in the camera? Have you tried formatting the card?



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Re: Images and videos are black and blank

No difference between tranfer of the files.

I'm using a sundisk extreme 128Gb.

I'll try formatting it.

The problem is it will erase my files, and I won't be able to retrieve them.