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I received a defective unit through the RMA process - they want me to have to go through THAT again

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Early July, processed an RMA using my GOPRO PLUS subscription. Once my item landed in the warehouse, it took over a week and a half for support to tell me anything other than we received it on (x) day and it's in our warehouse. Fast forward (in slow motion) to late late July - I finally receive my replacement, 'brand new'. Except the folding finger mount was missing a screw, and the ones that were in werent even screwed in... i.e. it basically fell right off. Immediately contacted customer support - who thought I needed a new finger mount and screws. I expressed deep concern that not only for this problem could that not be the issue - but if something as simple (yet so important) as the finger mount wasn't put together properly - how are the internals? Welp fast forward another week, I received the finger mount kit - same issue - unable to screw into the device. 


Contacted support about this and came to the conclusion the device was defective (after sending videos of me attempting to mount). So far so good - until they want me to send this device in first and then wait for my new device. As a consumer (and a support provider) this is unacceptable I owned my device for a few days before it was initially sent off - my first RMA took over 3 weeks - and now because GoPRO sent a faulty device (which I called while on the phone with support - which the call should be recorded) I have to wait another x amount of weeks. How is this acceptable? Please help... and for the record, the support agent on the phone was the sweetest and really provided me with outstanding personal service -  her employer should provide the same.