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I have two GoPro Hero Silvers - Both not working.

Updated firmwares, using a good SD card. Reset cameras. Swapped batteries, swapped cards. 

One camera, has the infamous pink screen. Sometimes it stops, most times it doesnt.

One camera thinks its constantly connected to USB, overheats, and runs the battery dead in minutes.

So now, tech support tells me there is nothing that can be done. 700 dollars in cameras down the tube because I dont have original purchase receipts. I wasnt even given the option to send it in to pay for repairs. Sure makes me consider swapping cameras at this point. 

So, im left to hope the community had any luck or any advice on what to do from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: I have two GoPro Hero Silvers - Both not working.

Never mind this. I took it upon myself. I took apart both, swapped the camera sensor from the overheating one and put it in the pink one. Now I have one completely dead one, but also have a completely working on. I'll take what I can get there.