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I have tried to get the line in to work with my digital recorder.. why does it not work??

On my Hero 5 .......It was working but now I guess I have hit something and the in line audio feature just quit..I don't use a Mic I just want clean audio coming from music , CD or Live recording through my digital recorder.. .. with the bought GoPro Mic adapter with the line in .. why does this not work.. I took out the SD card and updated it.. it worked for a while but now it does not.. what are some of the things I might be missing ?? Quick Capture off ??  I am stumped .. I re updated the sd card..I have tested the connection ,  audio is reaching the camera.. but will not record it . I have the audio coming out of a Headphone pre amp that is connected to a Tascam 24 track digital recorder and I can't do anything because of this.. seems pretty easy to do and I just got the camera in December and have only used it on 1  recording  shoot here and everything worked but now trying again.. I am fighting with it to just record audio..