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I have had my camera on but not recording or taking pictures. The bttery has drained 30%

I just got it this morning and chaarged it fully.  The camera was really hot when charging.  It was fully charged and when I tured it on later, it was at 68%.  I have had it on for about 30 Minutes with no recording or pictures taken and it is down to 30%.  Is this normal?  also I have updated the camera

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Re: I have had my camera on but not recording or taking pictures. The bttery has drained 30%

Normal ... yes and no. You will get a significant battery drain by just having the camera on and not recording. What you are describing seems a bit more than normal.

Specifically, what SD card do you have in the camera (make/model/size) and are you able to try with another card from this list (preferably 64 GB)

The steps you should do to ensure your camera is operating at it's best are this:
1. Go into Preferences>Rest>and factory reset the camera (just FYI, this will erase your connections if you have established them with the app)
2. Download the Manual Update to your computer and then extract the UPDATE folder from the file
3. Insert your SD card into your computer using a USB/SD adapter
4. Perform a FULL (not Quick) format of the card
5. Copy the UPDATE folder (not to the SD card
6. Insert the card into the camera and then power on using the side Mode/Power button
7. Once completed, go to Preferences>Reset and format the SD card in the camera
8. Remove the SD card and charge your camera
9. Once charging is complete, remove the battery, press the mode/power button for about ten seconds and then insert your SD card and then battery.

Whenever possible, do not store your battery in the camera
While you can charge the camera with the SD inserted, many people have reported better results when charging by having the SD card removed.

You may need to fully discharge and recharge your battery a few times before you get maximum performance from the battery.