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I hate Gopro's customer service

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I hate Gopro's customer service. You have no way of reaching a competent person at all.


In 2017 I bought GoPro "hero 4 silver". This year I bought a hat clip and used the camera for the first time with WiFi. Unfortunately, the problem with the helicopter sound was also in my camera. The distributor in my country accepted the camera as defective goods. However, they do not repair or replace the camera. They offer me money. Because Hero 4 Silver is no longer produced ...


I do not want money. I have a lot of accessories. The exchange rate in my country has increased a lot. For this reason I can not get a new camera with the money to be returned. According to the legislation in the country, if the defective goods can not be repaired and replaced with the new one, it is replaced by an upper model.


The distibutor said that it could sell a very high amount of a top model.


There is a breakdown in 2015, and in 2017 the product with this series was sold to me. If "Hero 4 silver" is no longer produced, it is not my fault. I do not think I should pay the whole price difference for the new model.


In this case, Gopro has a responsibility, I'm tired of dealing with the distibutor.  I will make a comeback for the recall of these defective products sold in my country. I also wanted to share it with you here.


Best regards,

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Re: I hate Gopro's customer service

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Hello @aidoneus


Thank you for reaching out.  As we do not have the ability to work on replacements or warranty claims in the Hub, it would be best to get in touch with Support. I understand that you have already attempted to reach them, but please try again during operation hours. They will be happy to assist you with your case. They are available via phone or chat here


Best regards, 

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Re: I hate Gopro's customer service

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thanks marius,

but are you kidding me? Have you ever tried to reach the GoPro customer service? Be sure to encounter an alien with the possibility of contacting the GoPro customer service more. Smiley Very Happy

I opened this topic for hours after I tried it. always "Sorry, all agents are helping other customers right now.Please try again later."

Now I write what you will say before you write. "Chat can be busy at times. Phones, generally, are going to be quicker when trying to reach an agent. If you can call, please try to do that." Smiley Tongue

I do not want to talk to the phone. because unfortunately you do not have a customer representative who can speak the same language as me. not even a number belonging to customer service in my country.

I know you will not get a solution from HUB. I just shared the solution to the court for those who are in the same situation as me.

Many "HERO 4 Silver" were manufactured incorrectly and sold to us. We do not have access to Gopro to tell you this, and even your distributors do not care about it.

in summary

Find a solution. Share a solution. Ask a question. Stay stoked.

best regards
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Re: I hate Gopro's customer service

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GoPro HA! Phone support non-existent. ZERO. Help in chat/email support NO RESOLUTION AFTER 2 MONTHS

GoPro? Go Pro??
This company is more synonymous with the word STOP!
As in cameras often overheat/freeze/stop.

Most important there is not merely a lack of support and resolution,

Here is a copy and paste exchange after nearly 2 months of back and forth chat sessions (8), emails to support and corporate (10),

My solution...
GO BETTER! Choose another camera. Choose another company.
GoPro may promote camera technology, but their support is BELOW POOR...IT IS REALLY NEARLY NON-EXISTENT.
Ready the copy/past below and draw your own conclusions.

Greetings from GoPro!

Hope you're doing great!

I am sending this email to follow up on your existing case. I already got a response from our team. Please check back on the VIP website periodically as there might have been an issue with the website.

With all things addressed and your permission, I will now consider this case closed and resolved. However, please do not hesitate to reach us back and the case will open again if should you have additional questions and we will be more than happy to assist!

Many Thanks,

Catherine B.
GoPro Support


initially wrote you Catherine on January 15! That is 3 weeks ago. I have moved on, but attempted to log in again.
SAME ERROR message.
How can I give you permission to close the case when you already closed it.
Furthermore the issue was not and still is not resolved.
Just forget it!
I will be posting the past 2 months correspondence with gopro chat, gopro support and gopro corporate on-line.
The errors have gone on for over 2 months since I started chatting and e-mailing with GoPro back in the 2nd week of December.

For you Tech inclined people:
Be wary of their firmware update.
It can render your memory card useless, forcing you to buy another one.
The type of memory card you buy can and should correspond with what resolution and f/p/s you want to shoot. Instead the cameras will reject the memory card and most cameras (I have not tried/tested all GoPro Cameras, GoPro 8 and 360 Camera) just reject the card rendering the camera useless and you cannot charge the battery either if the memory card is in the camera. You are forced to take out the memory card for the camera to charge. You are forced to re-buy and or upgrade memory cards.
There are lots of problems with the cameras getting very hot (regardless of whether or not you have the cameras WiFi setting ON) to the point they will often freeze and you are forced to power down and restart the camera.
With most any product there will be at least occasional problems.
However with GoPro the problems are not only prevalent and recurring...
There is equally recurring cases where GoPro fails to rectify problems and without phone support, merely chat support that often brings no resolution, unanswered emails...All this renders any GoPro camera/accessories a useless paperweight.

Save yourself time, money and frustration and choose a camera based on reviews by cnet and the like. Just do a search of action sports cameras and you can read and shop elsewhere for a camera that suits your preferences.

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Re: I hate Gopro's customer service

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Hi @ronink257


Sorry for any trouble caused.

If you continue experiencing the same, it will be best to follow up with our Support Team and have your case reopened for further checking.


Please submit a request for a callback through, or initiate a chat conversation with one of our representatives.