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I found a GoPro Hero 9; help me return it to it owner!

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On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, I found a GoPro Hero 9 in about 30 feet of water off Molokini; a popular snorkeling destination for vacationers in Maui. Help me, GoPro community, get this camera and memory card back to its owner. From the videos on the camera (which doesn’t work, but the memory card is readable in my GoPro Hero9), here is what I have figured out:
* Looks like a family of four (dad, mom, two daughters)
* They live in Maryland, USA
* The family has two girls, Ellie and Macey (unsure of spelling; they appear to be between 4 and 6/7 years old)
* The dad appears to have run in a race with obstacle course-type challenges at beginning of or just before their Maui trip
* They appear to be in a rented Jeep.
I have attached the photo of the father of the family.
I am leaving out two things: color of Jeep and style of selfie stick GoPro Hero9 was attached to.
Can you help me get this camera and irreplaceable memory videos back to this family?
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Re: I found a GoPro Hero 9; help me return it to it owner!

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So some advice!


1:  Do not post any details about the camera here (no serial numbers or anything like that, even if someone asks you, as this information could be used to obtain the camera by fraud).

2:  Don't post any pictures of the family here (this is a public forum, anyone on the internet is able to see it, the "family" in question may not appreciate it).

3:  Contact GoPro support directly using the form, you can tell them the serial number, if the family reported the camera as lost, they may have logged their details with GoPro.

4:  Contact your local news station.  Helping you re-unite the camera with the proper owners would make an excellent news story and a great filler piece.  Their reporters may have a great interest in this type of thing.  I do have media contacts if you need any help doing that.  Most media companies are owned by the same affliats (Sinclair, Nextar) and it would make a great co-production between news station affiliates.

5:  If anyone does claim the camera, have them verify details regarding your video and photo's, even make sure you chat with them face to face (via webcam or other) so you can verify they are the owners.


Good luck and I really have to congratulate you on your honesty and willingness to get this camera returned to the rightful owner.  You're a good person and i wish you the very best of luck.  If this works out and you get the camera back to it's rightful owners, it would be great to see a follow up here about your efforts and how things went.


I'm also going to notify the admins of this post, just to let them know that this type of honesty deserves to be rewarded.