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Re: I feel ripped off because Gopro sold me a Hero 6 as "latest model" 4 weeks ago

Oh come on, you can't expect GoPro to announce their new camera like that. With your logic, I should never buy a GoPro as there will always be a new, better one coming! Whether you still buy the old one a year before or a day before the release of the new is your choice, not GoPro's. As an analogy, many people were still buying the iPhone 7 much less than 4 weeks before the release of the 8. 4 weeks is still a decently long time during which GoPro may catch a defect or something, hindering the release. Please don't hate on GoPro because of your unfortunate purchase timing. They usually release new cameras during September, for future reference.

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Re: I feel ripped off because Gopro sold me a Hero 6 as "latest model" 4 weeks ago

Well maybe you should read a news app instead of social media. Yes, the news came out a few weeks back.
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Re: I feel ripped off because Gopro sold me a Hero 6 as "latest model" 4 weeks ago

So you bought a camera which you felt was value for money and now, purely because there is a new camera available , have suddenly decided that you previous choice (which you have said was made after studying the product) is infact bad judgement.


If you studied the camera then you made a decision that the features, resolution, ferformance, price  etc suited your needsand that it was worth buying it.  If all those decisions are still valid how on earth do you think you have been ripped off buy a purchase your own deliberations said was worthwile.


The camera is still the same camera, the functionality is the same, it matches your needs the same regarless of any other newer cameras out there.


Do you complain to shops if you bought something then a month later they have a sale because things are cheaper?

When you buy something at a shop and the price goes up do you go back to the shop and give them more money because of the change?