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Re: I am using my hero 4 for surfing, and am only getting a little over an hour for battery life.

Hi Daniel-  thank you for the defense of the issue of turning ithe cameraoff and on while in the lineup.  Though I appreciate the suggestion, it is not an efficient solution to the problem, as you mentioned in your post.  I have not tried Quick Capture, but that definititely sounds like a possibility.  I think with that approach I could get geater  chunks of time with the camera off, thus preserving the battery.  The one click will give me more time to get back on my board and line up the set (I ride a longboard,and can't reach the camera without jumpning in the water).


Appreciate the input.  Have not yet used Quick Capture, but is a feature I need to explore.  Unfortunately, currently lack the $$$ for a new er model.

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Re: I am using my hero 4 for surfing, and am only getting a little over an hour for battery life.

No problem. Surfing is pretty unique and only those who do it truly understand. Quick Capture is the way to go, but on a long board it can still be tough. I mostly short board, but when I long board in the summer, or gun in the winter, I usually used the Smart Remote (I mostly use voice commands now). Problem with the Smart Remote is it doesn't increase battery life a whole lot, but it's a lot easier to start/stop recording and even change settings when your on the water.

On a separate note, since you are long boarding, keeping the lens from collecting water drops can be hard. I mostly use spit, and it works well. However, being able to rub saliva on the lens continuously throughout the session gets difficult, especially when the camera is on the nose of a long board. I've been using a product called Clarifii that I picked up on and it works great. I usually try to stay away from product endorsement, but this stuff is pretty awesome. Something you might want to consider.

All my best.