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Re: I Lost my receipt of GoPro Hero 7

@aenriquez The truth is, My father rest his poor soul. Was a hoarder of documents, Which he would hoard any and everything related in 1 way or another to anything that wouldve been financially documented.  But between 3 grieving children and a whole house full of contents, we just started throwing things out. So it wouldve never crossed my mine to even think about the gopro, let alone a receipt. The thing is, there has to be a better way for gopro to implement warranties for pple that cant seem to find there receipts but did actually purchase a camera. For instance the serial numbers obviously correspond with all gopros manufactured. if the manufacturer can tell when a gopro was purchased like through bestbuy for instance, there should be a receipt rendered on a gopro server like a backup, just waiting for said buyer to register his devices serial number, and what do you know, here comes an option to upload your receipt to your account profile. Or like harbor freight tools does, At time of purchase im asked for my phone number and a copy of my receipt is emailed to me. Besides that fact that my father purchased and gave me the gopro and now my seeking out a replacement is gonna be costing me the sentimental factor here.

So between that and being told that the camera pricing was more expensive then my Headset, and bc its a action CAMERA that a couldnt compare. Which made me fly into a rage. And heres why, yes the GoPros are almost double the headset cost, And there also a million times more sought after bc theres no competition when it comes to action cams, GoPro is hands down #1 and sought after for just about any sport and much more. Now my jlab headset company is a fraction of the size of gopro, They have tons of real competitors, with better products. But some how this little company was able to give me a  brand new wireless headset.. Not only was that done without a receipt, But I was given the option to replace with the same exact set, or go with the latest generation of wireless headsets, Which was more expensive with a lot more added features. All this was done with a photo emailed to them. They shipped out immediately, They also paid for the return shipping of my replacement headset. Not one time was I questioned or made to feel like my return was B.S. Instead I was made to feel like my happiness mattered, and they set out to do whatever it took to keep me happy. For that alone I will never buy another headset from any other company but jlab. There customer service alone is worth the buying experience. And there earbuds that I have are hands down, cheaper, louder and have a longer lasting battery then the beats3.


With eveything that was said and addressed here. I just wanna inform all parties who read my situation and understood my pain and what I was going thru. After all that, I will be receiving my replacement camera. I dont post or comment on anything unless I see fit, And this was a problem that needed to be addressed. 


I would like to thank the people of this community and staff members of gopro for looking deeper into my case and approving a replacement. Thank you very much