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Re: Hypersmooth broken in FW 1.80

I caught my H7B doing same exact thing with FW 1.71. It glitched, and then the hypersmooth "reversed" and exaggerated camera movements, not stabilized them. I know how it looks with NO stabilization, and this was worse, like in your clip. So roccopirr hypersmooth was on, but malfunctioning.


You can see it in this vid at 0.33 sec.

Then later it freezes, recording a single frame for rest of day, but still recording audio. Also a known issue.That happens a lot too.


People always saying they have no problems and are usually recording in 1080p I have found.


Now I manually updated to 1.80 and get this issue, just like many other people after updating to 1.80.


You would think they would test this software before they release it.


If a bunch of cams are doing exact same things after an update, it is not hard come to the conclusion that the software is to blame.


I have a $400 paperweight at this point.



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Re: Hypersmooth broken in FW 1.80

This issue has ruined my latest trip out on my bike, selling the camera and getting a dji osmo action that is a far more stable product, and have better support for the users
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Re: Hypersmooth broken in FW 1.80

Why dont you just downgrade back to 1.70???? I wouldn't buy another camera when you can easily put the firmware back to its previous.



I can go back to 1.51, 1.61 and 1.70 whenever I like. Keep your previous firmwares spmewhere so you have the opporunity to downgrade anytime.