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Hyper smooth vs iPhone’s 10S Max is simply amazing...

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I've tried capturing some footage with an iPhone XS Max. 


Now I realise how good the GoPro is for image stabilisation. Putting them side-by-side I can see how effective hyper smooth is. The iPhone footage is shaky and while it has OIS, it is nowhere near as smooth as Hypersmooth 2.0. 


I own a GoPro for six months now - but this is the first time when I realise how smooth the footage can be compared to a flagship phone. And sure, the XS Max is not the newest iPhone anymore but it's still a **bleep** good phone with a **bleep** good camera. Somehow, I love my GoPro Hero 8 once again, realising that with almost any other device, I have only two options: 


Use a gimbal or stay in one place and don't move.


So among all the criticism GoPro is getting these days, here's some praise.