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Re: How to work with 1080p 240fps

Dudes! this is what you want x265vfw_x64_v281_x265b160_12bit_20180624.exe

most importantly it has hardware acceleration and that is what you really want especially if you're using any kind of gtx 600 series graphics card or higher!unfortunately this does not help much with opening the 1080p 240fps .mp4 files in a VIDEO EDITOR that my gopro black 6 produced. but, hell it plays in win7 64 bit with mediaplayer classic now! and it actually runs faster with those than it does with win8 or win10 suprisingly. Remember having a SSD is a good thing as it will help with crapping out the framerates constantly. 240fps is honestly beast!!!also...if you happened to arrive here seeking help for x264 acceleration or problems opening those files look at this...

if you look very carefully there is support for both 32 bit and 64 bit but seriously who uses 32 bit OS's anymore?


my PC settings are

win 7 64 bit ultimate/win 8 64 bit /win8.1 64 bit /win10  64 bit/kali linux 32 bit

gtx 690

6600k CPU

Samsung evo SSD

16gb Evo potenza DDR4 ram


that is my help for you for x264 and x265 acceleration!

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Re: How to work with 1080p 240fps

Hey, i had the same issue, finally got my problem solved after spending good 4-5 hours. I use adobe premiere pro cs6, was facing the same issue. 

Here's my full article,  see what i did:

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Re: How to work with 1080p 240fps


Hi @topitguy,


Thanks for sharing.

We'll check it.