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How to view and edit 240fps slow motion video

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What software can I use to view my recorded 240fps slow motion videos? Everything I tried either fails to load the video completely or plays it at full speed, the only place I could see the slow motion video was on the GoPro screen itself.


Also what software can I use edit it? The GoPro Quick Windows application doesn't appear to allow me to view or edit it.



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Re: How to view and edit 240fps slow motion video

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Not sure what OS/computer you have but here goes:


- if the video was recorded in HEVC format, then your computer must support it; GoPro software often misreports this capability though (I think because it only looks at CPU and not GPU capability). On a Mac, Quicktime Player should open it and usually detects the frame rate for play back - if the Mac supports HEVC. On a Windows / Linux machine, VLC will open it if the underlying hardware supports it, though VLC does a poor job of correctly detecting and allowing you to choose playback rate (you can choose playback speed on a slider in one of the menus).


- for editing, I recently moved to DaVinci Resolve 15 which is free for most usage scenarios and works fine with high frame rate footage, and there are some good tutorials on youtube for this kind of editing.


I think more recent iMovie and Premiere Elements versions support HEVC.  I am of course assuming that this is a HEVC issue. One other thing to do is to use Handbrake(.fr) to convert the file into a standard h264 format and try using that.

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Re: How to view and edit 240fps slow motion video

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To preview slow montion video use just MPC player (you need k-lite codec pack if video is not playing). In MPC player if you hit CTRL + arrow down - you can slow down video even 8x times like from 240 fps to ~ 30fps.


If you want to edit somehow -use Sony Vegas 14Pro or higher. (like me) Free HItFIlm Express is cool but allowed to edit max 120 fps on video line. Premiere is great but **bleep** expansive, DaVinci has a problem with 240fps as well.


There is kind of hack for above software....but you need spend more time. You can re-render your raw 240fps GoPro video files by Handbreak software (do not change render settings - as a source)and than 240fps file will be visible for HitFIlm Express... but I recomend to use very nice Sony Vegas


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Re: How to view and edit 240fps slow motion video

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To confirm enc3ladus, yes DaVinci 15 doesn't seem to like h265/HEVC 240fps 1080 video (said 'media offline' for me) - apologies, seemed the video I'd been using was 120fps. The same clip put through Handbrake played fine in DaVinci as a h264 clip, so that work around is there for that software.



(Nice dog footage BTW!)