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Re: How to time-lapse record 2~5 hours on Hero Session 5.












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Re: How to time-lapse record 2~5 hours on Hero Session 5.

It is amazing to me how many people--who genuinely want to be helpful--feel the need to make non-useful or offer uninformed opinions when perthaps silence would be the better service. I don't mean to be rude by this, just pointing out that if you don't know the answer the best thing you can do may be to not fill up a forum session with flotsom that others musdt wade through.


Links to different cameras running in different (non-time-lapse) modes doesn't rteally contribute to the question's answer.


I was hoping to find that one person who really knew the answer, and who really knew what settings would maximize battery life, rather than many enthusiastic people who didn't know but wanted to express helpfulness...much like citizens bothering firefighters in the middle of fighting a blazing building.