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How to return defective fusion?

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I have checked gopro Website and everywhere else and I couldn't find the answer to my Problem. I have brought a gopro fusion two weeks ago and it is defective. First it drains the battery even tuned off. Second it doesnt respond to the on off switch when i turn it off vía voice command. I have to remove the battery and put it back in to be able to turn it on. Third it creates little black holes at the top and bottom of the stitched 360 photos.

Can someone help me please, I am disappoionted by the quality since all the Reviews where so good on this camera. I want at least a exchange of a working one.

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Re: How to return defective fusion?

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Sure. let me try to help. \\I am in  the U.S.A.  the phone number is 855-635-3578, Press 2 after the  system runs through its talk the firmware update . that is....   talk to the rep give her your name, email and simply request a return. he or she may be a little hard to understand. so do not   be afraid to  ask them to slowly repeat themselves, b/c  they may say the same?


they'll put you on hold for a second and within 5 minutes a Email will come in two to be exact, do not hang up till you actually se ethe RMA pdf fil.  they had to send one extra b/c  of hte system.  Simply pkg it up,  call Fed Ex, once recieved, and processed in Riverside, cal. you'll get a email if not call and  give the case or order number in and your cc is credited.


DO NOT USE CHAT use the phone .


I hope that you can find your number if you are overseas use the actual desktop website not the  smartphone app.