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How to remove turtle home screen

Just got this new GoPro HERO7 black LCD info is very hard to read due that home screen turtle is annoying and letters are very small. Please respond with solution thank you

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Re: How to remove turtle home screen

Hi @dinal26782,

The picture of the turtle is a screen sticker cover or film that can be removed. Look for the little peel corner or use a small piece of Sellotape to help you peel off the sticker. 


Not officially from GoPro, but I found this video on YouTube showing how to remove it using a tape:


Kind Regards,

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Re: How to remove turtle home screen

 heat do not use, but applyingit correctly can resolve  your issue 

 a nife to the leading edge do not use but applying it wil resolve  the issue


if a tab was on here you would not be asking what  otehrs have asked...... GoPro spend 1/10th a cent to correc this