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How to mute during livestream?

So I have several 3d printers and a laser cutter. I would love to livestream my equipment making stuff to Youtube. The problem is audio. The machines are in an office space and I don't want audio being streamed. I planned to buy the 3.5mm mic adapter and physically mute the mic. But they're sold out everywhere.


Is there another way to mute the audio from a GoPro7 black when livestreaming? 

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Re: How to mute during livestream?

@rockybeach5312, that's an interesting question. Currently, there is no way to turn the microphone off on the HERO7 Black camera. You may be able to suppress the sound being recorded by blocking the microphone holes. Pages 6 to 7 of the product manual  show where the microphone holes are. This may not entirely eliminate sound capture but would definitely minimize the audio part of the recordings/footage.