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How to get as clear shoots as those one???

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I've been buying Gopros since HERO 2. Their image quality are amazing, now I got a HERO 6. I'm amazed with the video 4K quality but can't get on thing. Few minutes ago I was watching this video : . I also shoot on HERO 6, protune (there in discription are settings used in first film : only different thing is that I use flat. Now I still considering how to get as clear shoots as those in : 0:12, 0:26 (in MAIN video) and 0:35 (in Behing The Scenes). These shoots are so clear, just look at them. Never could get that shoots. Remember that it is still on YT, which is decrasing quality to save some space on their storage. And the second thing : Why they are using Gopro Color instead of Flat ? The footage is corrected so why there is used gopro color profile ???

Thanks for every answer, meybe stupid but just considering. Cheers :)

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Re: How to get as clear shoots as those one???

Hello @sunnycave26562


Improvements were done through post-processing. There are a number of editing software that you can use to serve your purpose. On the video (behind the scene) comments, there is one recommending DaVinci Resolve which some of our members use, too.


The GoPro color might have been used as this option already provides GoPro color-corrected profiles (same great color as when Protune is turned off). Probably, less tweaking needed post-process.


Perhaps other members here can share their tips and tricks. Let's watch our for their reply. 



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Re: How to get as clear shoots as those one???

Thank you for reply. I know that I need a lot of work in post. I'm editing in Premire pro and grading in resolve. but can't get image this clean