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How to format/fix wifi issue

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I just bought a used GoPro3+ 

and my younger brother played with it so he put an email & password that he doesn't know.

So I've been trying to update the wifi or the firmware, but it's not working, neither the Quik app.

I downloaded the app & registered & whenever I click on the camera name it loges out automatically.

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Re: How to format/fix wifi issue

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Hello, @mesharim23. It would be best to reset the camera's Wi-Fi name and password first prior to pairing the camera with the app again. The instructions here will guide you. Feel free to post back if you encounter an issue with a specific step in the process. 

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Re: How to format/fix wifi issue

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Re: How to format/fix wifi issue

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@hulsy, were you able to successfully install the update in the camera?


If the problem is with the camera not initiating the update, it can be because the camera is not recognizing the update on the SD card. We do have some suggestions here that should help get the update working: 

  • Make sure the UPDATE folder is unzipped/extracted, before placing it on the SD card. If the folder is compressed, the camera will not be able to read it; 

  • Ensure the UPDATE folder does not have any additional characters in the folder title, i.e. "UPDATE (1)". The camera will only recognize a folder titled "UPDATE", in upper case letters with no additional characters; 

  • Format the SD card before placing the update folder/files onto the root of the card (format on your computer, or DELETE ALL files in the camera's Delete menu);

    • NOTE: Reformatting the SD card will delete all data off of the card, so be sure that you save any videos or pictures you want to keep on your computer before reformatting the SD card. 

  • Be sure to place the individual files within the UPDATE folder on the root level of the SD card.  


Once you have the necessary file(s) placed on the SD card, unplug it from the computer and insert the microSD card into your camera. Once it's plugged in, power on the camera. The update should automatically initiate.  


After successfully installing the update and the app is still not recognizing the new password in the camera, I have a few troubleshooting suggestions that will help: 

  1. Restart your mobile device. 
  2. Once your phone is back on, turn on/off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 
  3. Delete the GoPro camera under the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi entries in your mobile device’s settings. 
  4. Remove your camera entry from the GoPro Quik's history. 
    • Android: Open GoPro Quik. Press and hold the image of the camera and delete the entry from your camera history. 
    • iOS: Open GoPro Quik. Tap the pencil icon in the top-left corner of the Camera menu page. Tap the red X icon to delete the camera entry from your app’s history. 
  5. Try the pairing process again following the steps here GoPro Quik: Pair Your Camera.


Let us know how it goes.