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Re: How to contact email support?

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hi there,


i've tried to contact the customer support for the last two days but the chats are always full and no one is answering the telephone, im always waiting in line. im a student and i have A LOT of spare time to be on the computer or the phone during lectures. so it was basically two days of trying to get in contact with the customer service without ANY success!

thats why im writing to you jeff :) i came across your profile and thought i try to contact you. i would like to send a product back to gopro but i need a RMA. Please jeff, can you help me procuring any? i would be so thankful! or please give me a direct contact to gopro or a e-mail-adress.





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Re: How to contact email support?

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Hi @savoirvivre


What seems to be the issue on your camera? We can go over some troubleshooting steps.


I am sorry if you are having troubles getting through.

As we cannot arrange a return request here in the Support Hub, we refer customer's to our Support Team to get this set up.

It's best to contact them during their hours of operation listed here.







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Re: How to contact email support?

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I have a similar issue too. I had recently received a Hero 7 Black as my wedding anniversary gift. I brought it out on a surfski session and found that there is water droplets and moisture inside the Lens. Notwithstanding, the audio quality is not as great as the Hero +. There is a weird audible clicking sound in the background. Besides, the mounting base attached to the surfski broke. As a result the Hero 7 fell into the sea. It was disappointing that the new Hero 7 Black failed. I am suspecting there might be several product defects and am hoping to reach out to Go Pro customer service for further enquiry. Will appreciate any assistance rendered. I am deeply sadden by this incident as I have always been a fervent Go Pro users, capturing memerising surfski moments.



Andrew Xiao

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Re: How to contact email support?

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emails to gp support: