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How to backup gopro 6 without PC and internet connection

Hello All


I'm new to Gopro family. I recently bought a Gopro 6. Now i need an microSD card. But before i buy it, i want to understand my backup options.


I'll be on a vacation for about 7-8 days and we don't want to bring our laptop with us. We are planning to got an island so there will be lots of photos and videos to be shot. I worry that 64gb or 128gb might not be enough or it can limit us in 7-8 days. 

There will be internet connection at the resort but most probably it will not be as good as we have at home. So uploading 64gb of data to cloud will either be impossible or very painful.


- Do we need an internet connection to connect Gopro 6 and mobile phone via Wi-FI?


- Is there any method to backup sd cards and delete old data without any access to computer or internet?


- If no, what would be your size suggestions? I'm planning to get 2 x 64gb microsd. anything more than that could be overkill since i won't use that much once i'm back at home. I don't want to invest too much to microsd cards. But i might be completely wrong at this. So please share your experience.


I know this is kind of personal preferences but I don't have experience with 4k-2k footage and how much space does it take. So I want to hear you out, how you handle similar situations.


I searched other topics as well but i couldn't find any related answer. If there is one please link.





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Re: How to backup gopro 6 without PC and internet connection



1. use the mobile as backup store

I use a microSD card adapter and an USB adapter for my Samsung (this came with the phone).


in this way I can use the 128GB storage from my phone to backup the data.

but the phone can accomodate also a 512GB microSD card.



in my Samsung is the USB adapter (USB-C to USB)

then a Hama microSD/SD card adapter where I introduce the microSD card from the camera.

in Samsung I use "My Files" Samsung app to transfer the files.





2. combine the backup on the phone with pushing in the cloud if you have a WiFi (I think a mobile data usage in roaming will be $$$) 

I use Android phone, with Google photo - so the photos, once in the phone, are sync (have to be set) in my Google Photo - nobrainer.

I also have a Google Drive 1TB subscription

you can upload the saved videos in my Google Drive for mt example.

but you can use whatever works directly, DropBox, etc


3. use PLUS from GoPro - upload in the GoPro Cloud directly from Gopro - read below, for video limits the resolution - and I never use this

PLUS feature - free trial and after 5$ per month and read the below from GoPro site:

2Auto upload to the cloud directly from the camera is available for HERO6, HERO5 and HERO cameras only. Upload to the cloud using the GoPro app is available for HD HERO2 cameras and later. Cloud library is limited to 35 hours of video with unlimited photos. Videos and photos are stored at up to 1440p and 12MP, regardless of their original resolution. Separate data fees may apply.



hope these helps a bit,



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Re: How to backup gopro 6 without PC and internet connection

... one more recomendation for point 1.


after the files are safe on you mobile, and you introduce the microSD card back in you camera.

do not delete the files from microSD card.

instead use the menu Preferences > Format SD card to free the space.

it is the best practice we use.

just because deleting files, you will fragment the microSD card volume, and GoPro does not deal well with fragmented volumes.

otherwise you can experience file damage, videos that cannot be played, etc.





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Re: How to backup gopro 6 without PC and internet connection


I use a Ravepower Wireless File Hub with SD-Card-Slot and a 128 GB SSD. 

Transfer from SD-Card to the SSD via App.