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How to attach tether to Fusion?

There doesn't seem to be a tether point on the Fusion. The UM says "During water activities, use a camera tether (sold separately) for
added security to keep your camera afloat.", but does not say how to tether.


I already have two GoPros at the bottom of the river. I don't want my Fusion there also.

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Re: How to attach tether to Fusion?


Hi @superboost788,


Tether can be attached to any mount that has an available slot. 

There are some tutorials online or YouTube. Just search for the available mount that you have and you should be able to see how to attach a tether on that mount. 




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Re: How to attach tether to Fusion?

Thanks but I have a ton of mounts and none of them have tether points. Furthermore, if the camera disconnects from the mount, the tether will save the mount, but not the camera.

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Re: How to attach tether to Fusion?

It depends on the type of tether that you are using.  The ones I use consist of a metal wire with a loop on each end.  So to affix my camera to a car roof rack for instance, I would loop my tether around one of the bars on the roof rack and then push the wire through one of the looped ends.  This means that now, one end it tethered to the roof rack.  The other end tethers through the thumbscrew on the mount itself.  So I would remove the thumbscrew, keep the gopro in it's mount, push the thumbscrew through the other looped end of the tether and screw it back into the mount.  The looped end is small enough for the screw to fit through but too small to fit over the grip part of the thumbscrew.  Using this method the GoPro is now securely tethered to my car roof rack.  With surf tethers, there's usually a tether with a 3M sticky pad you attach to the surfboard.  A cable attaches to this  and it has a very large looped end.  You remove your gopro from whichever mount you're using (using the thumbscrew option), place the tether between the tines of the bottom of the mount and then replace the thumbscrew.  Viola, you're tethered.