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How many SD cards should I bring on my Fusion shoot?

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I'm doing my first big Fustion shoot this weekend.


This chart has recording times but not for the new beta 5.6K/24fps mode:


5.2k - 30 1 hour 15 minutes - 45 Mbps

two microSD 32GB cards


Are there similar tests for the new 5.6K mode?


I've also never shot a longer-format piece before. If my script is about 45 pages long, takes 45 minutes to read, and assuming I shoot at a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio, that's 180 to 225 minutes...


If, like the above, 2 x 32 GB cards cover about 75 minutes, I'll need about 6 SD cards, right? Or could I get two 128 GB and call it a day?



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Re: How many SD cards should I bring on my Fusion shoot?

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Hi @erinf307,


We don't have exact data yet but it would be best to bring 2 or more 128GB SD cards because the camera file sometimes exceed the value if there's a lot of data or object/color in the video. 



We'll try to check that so that we can provide exact recommendation.