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How do you edit your protune footage? Hero 7

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I am playing with some tests with and without protune and editing them with FPCX.

I am aware of the advantadges of protune (more dynamic range).


So I edit a protune clip, with color wheels and waveform inspector I set the white and black point and modify the global saturation (there are some youtube videos explaining this)


And in most of the clips iI find that gopro color is more pleasant that this flat protune edited. Yes, there is more clarity in shadows but in the whole colors are more vibrant and faithful. And I can't reproduce them touching this color grading starting from the protune version.


I have decent experience editing raw photos, but not that much with video. Maybe there is some basic workflow that I can follow.


I have also tried some free LUTs that claim to be a protune to REC709 but the color is waaaay off.


The other thing that I have noticed is that sharpness low plus sharpen in FCPX (sharpen 3.5 value) gives some mushy folliage respect to a crispy folliage with sharpness high . Medium seems a best starting point. But I constantly read that sharpen low is the way.


Well, Any recommended workflow?





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Betreff: How do you edit your protune footage? Hero 7

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ich habe auch viel probiert aber filme jetzt nur noch mit Protune,Gopro color,sharp medium, - 0.5 EV.

Wenn ich Flat bearbeite sieht es immer irgendwie milchig aus wie ein Schleier über dem Bild.

Dieses  Video  bestätigt das.


Gruß Rainer

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Betreff: How do you edit your protune footage? Hero 7

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@rainerd752  interesting video...thank you!


from the old times, when I use DSLR's, my goal was not to spend too much time in postprocesing.


same now with GoPro ... 


just me,