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How do you edit GoPro videos?

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I have to say I'm very impressed with Quik and the GoPro app. I enjoy editing, although I'm still not great at it or color grading, but it takes so much time. I was staying away from using Quik Story and the auto downloading and creation of videos, but I'm now using it all the time. Sometimes I'll use the auto Quik Story to view my clips and get ideas for my own edit, but even when I do make mine, often I end up liking the Quik Story better.


Here are two videos. One I made and one auto created by the GoPro app and Quik. The one I did took a few hours from start to finish. The Quik Story video was auto created before I even got home from the park. I have several editing errors in mine, and now I'm wondering, is it even worth it? What do you think?

And here is one I did doing a review of sorts on the HERO7 Black surfing. Created entirely using the Quik Mobile App.