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How do wind reduction and stereo mode work exactly?

How do the both stereo mode and wind reduction mode of audio setting work exactly (according to questions below)? GoPro Hero 5 black has three microphones.


Common questions:

-Is there literally (1) left mic, (2)right mic and (3)center mic?

-Do all 3 mics have same audio characteristics? For example, when recording loud concert in "raw audio", the result wav's first two channels are probable left &right with very good frequency spectrum, good stereo separation and lacking bass. Third channel is generally 12dB louder with prevalent basses, and vanishing highs.


Stereo mode (I ask about the audio track in the mp4 file):

How are left and channel mixed from three mics? It surely contains some amount of the third ("central") mics, because it contains basses. Is it simply  [left audio channel] = c1* [left mic] + c2 * [central mic] &  [right audio channel] = c1 *[left mic] + c2 * [right mic]? Or is it more complex? Are equalizers for each mic involved ? or dynamic weighting based on mic volume? Or stereo separation effects?



Wind mode (again, in mp4)

is the audio output result simply of "central" mic?

Is the noise reduction done statically or dynamically by analyzing hiss frequencies? Are all 3 mics involved? Is there any mixing, equalizing or processing?