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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

This may be different outside of the USA, but GoPro ships for free with 2-Day Shipping.  When you order from the GoPro website you benefit from getting their free no question asked return policy and in cases of damage or need for an exchange, it's a much easier process.  Especially since they have record of the purchase so you don't have to worry about keeping your receipt.  Not sure what happened in @nicevista35256 case, but I've made several purchases from the GoPro and every time it has been fast and trouble free.


I seriously doubt @nicevista35256 email had any effect on the refund. It's much more likely that there was an issue with the merchant account processor (bank which handles the electronic money transfer). Usually when this happens the merchant account processor holds the funds and does not release them to the merchant (GoPro) or the customer for several days for a myriad of reasons.

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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

Don't waste your time trying.