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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

Same issues for me 4 weeks for nothing solved.... worst worst customer service ever,


As for the complain i would like to raise serious dysfunctions with Gopro experience from customer point of view which gave me the worst experience i ever had and affected how i see the brand quality owning 2 Gopro and every of accessories. I spent countless of hours on phone, chat... and for 4 weeks no consideration or persons i contacted solved the issue, worst every time i called the person acknowledges the problem again and again same process repeat again...

1) when i ordered on Gopro Shop on 29 September for a Gopro 6 Black after validating payment the page went to main welcome page.... with no mail contact neither confirmation of order. One hours later assuming that the order process probably failed i decided to try another time ordering same product, entering the payment , validating and boom back to welcome page! I stopped and decided to buy a unit on Amazon instead. Hi
Next morning What surprise i received 2 confirmations mails of order from Gopro!!! 8 hours after! I immediately called the number indicated on the confirmation mail Genesis support nobody, a plain vocal message.... i called then Gopro support and could proceed with a representative to cancels the both orders. I received then on 30 September confirmation of cancelation of both orders:

This is the mail i received:

Hi Damien,

I am glad to be of assistance to you. This email will serve as a reference that you have successfully canceled your order with us
Here are your sales order numbers in which you have had your orders cancelled

SO-NL429801 - Cancelled
SO-NL429802 - Cancelled


2) the next morning 1st of October , i received notification that orders (yes orders i canceled) would be shipped and gave shipping instruction. That is the beginning of 3 weeks of total disappointment with Gopro support: i did call my region support in Japanese(i do speak Japanese) the lady says she cant do anything until the order is canceled, promise to call me back and never called me back. I did call the global support , got 2 or 3 persons, One of them confirmed to me 2 weeks ago the refund have been initiate and to be refunded before 15 of September....
I waited patientely, in the same time my credit card was block from my bank because i exceeded by 1500 dollars!!! Because Gopro proceed the payments debit of my booths order i did canceled which is intolerable because i ordered then on Amazon because Gopro shopping experience was awfull, how could Gopro consider customer with flawed payment with no information and failed. Since i cannot use my credit card.

3)i waited 1 week.... then i did inquired my bank and they did received nothing , no refund, nothing,,,, exceeded i call again Gopro support global, i was shocked when they told me my order wasn’t canceled!!!!! The lady kept me on the phone 15 mins, at the end the told me she couldn’t do anything because it was with Singapore logistic team and end my call with telling me to call Japan number instead because even if i complain nothing she can do...what a terrible customer consideration.
I did then call JApan number again, same lady on the phone i had earlier and nothing than she confirm me there is a problem with Singapore warehouse... and wait until problem is solve. 2 weeks and nobody could even tell me why my order wasn’t canceled and she told me something which exceeded me: your order is not canceled at the moment!!!!

4) i did then last week, Chat support countless time and phone call with a certain Bensen, who acknowledge an issue with my case and will proceed to unlock the situation and promised to contact me until the refund is done. He sent me a mail to confirm the issue is raised with warehouse....Singapore (again why informing customer of Gopro core issue, this is not customer business) after 10 days no more email or even a phone call from him.... he just disappeared like other.

This is the email i received from him:

Hi Damien,

Thank you for contacting us back and provide your honest feedback to us.

I am really sorry about the glitch you experienced on the website and also the delay on the order cancellation and refund procedure.

I contacted our Shipping Facility in Singapore and they are aware of this situation. I have informed them to get both orders cancelled for you in order to process the refund as soon as possible.

I have created an urgent request for you and I will get back to you on Monday to give you any update received on my end.


5) Today we are 25th of October,nearly one month later and i still didn’t received my refund for my canceled orders.
My credit card is still blocked and as today nobody , nobody in this company can help me to give me a date of refund. Never in my entire life, of shopping daily on internet i had such experience. Gopro constantly give me excuse of Singapore team, warehouse isssue, Japan customer service never replied to me neither 3 weeks of continuous exchange.
As a result this is damage aberration for Gopro brand i supported for years for all products i bought and videos i shared on my YouTube and SNS.

Please understand that 1000 dollars are missing to my bank account for an issue starting with Gopro shop malfunction and i am in any case no responsible for Singapore team, warehouse, shippement tracking issue.... I would appreciate to share this terrible story with Gopro supervisor or headquarters. Please note i would possibly send paper letter of this record as there is possiblility that my email wont get any response as it used to be .

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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

Hi Damien,




I am sorry to hear about the issues you have had with your order. Unfortunately this is a Community Hub platform where users can go to help one another and not the Support Team directly. It does look like you are working with one of our Supervisors in the Support Department that will be best able to help you. It would be best to work with Jay moving forward to get this resolved!




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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

Appreciate you comment back but on 500$ purchase and 1000$ prejudice i think this is important to warn buyer about Gorpro Support  support. And i am not alone in this case, customer react in that way when company hide behind inconsistent service and impossible to contact over 4 weeks.

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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

i also need to talk to any gopro staff!my gopro hero 5 is still on its warranty but if no one anwers me i might lose its warranty and need to spend lots of money just for repair!!

i didnt even got difficult the last time i got problem with my gopro..its a very fast transaction but now, i cant even reach or contact thru email
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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

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Good luck with that.... their customer service is a disaster, even them have no clues of what happens this is unimaginable beyond all I could imagine from 500$ products.
Just have a look at “GoPro review “ on google they have 1 stars and dozen, dozen of customer left behind. Today I have got a mail after chasing 4weeks 10-12 différents peoples and they say we don’t know when we can refund your 1000$

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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

Anyone have GoPro headquarters postal adress in US? Nothing To loose.
They even hide every single way to contact them
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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

My experience has been quite the opposite with both phone and chat support. I purchased a Hero 6 that was having issues so i contacted support, waited on hold maybe 5 minutes, spoke with a representative who ran me through a series of tests. They determined there was a hardware issue and to send the camera back. Sent it back, waited a few days after they received it and didnt hear anything so i went onto chat support to see what the status was. I was connected with an agent instantly whom provided me with a tracking number.

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Re: How do I actually get in touch with GoPro?????

Thanks for details of a further example of GoPros appalling customer service.

I posted about my inability to get my order delivered or even be able to contact the company about the issue a few weeks ago.

Eventually for lack of any other alternative I sent an email to the GoPro address in the USA that is offered to potential investors!

I got no reply, but four days letter I received a complete refund for my purchase on my credit card.

No explanation. No apology. But at least I got my money back.

I still wanted the gear so I ordered it through retailer John Lewis and got it by click and collect the next day!!

My advice therefore is DO NOT ORDER DIRECT FROM GOPRO website. Buy through a retailer instead. (Price was exactly the same, actually cheaper because no delivery charge with click and collect.

And to GOPRO...... do something!!!!! You've got a good product but are ruining your own reputation by not putting in place decent custome support. By saving pennies you are losing pounds.