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How can i attach a wrist leash to my gopro

I want to use my gopro at the beach, in the surf (swimming, not surfing)

But i don't want to use the wrist mount as it becomes annoying when you get dumbed by a wave. 


I want to be able to have a wrist leash or something similar incase i accidently let go of my gopro, so it dosn't float out to see in case i get dumbed and let go of it.


Does anyone have any solutions as to how i could do this or a similar solution to something that looks like the leash in the picture?



wrist leash.png
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Re: How can i attach a wrist leash to my gopro

You can use the leash in the picture. Just put the steering at the end in the mounting bracket and then screw in the mounting thumb screw.

Using a floaty is a good idea as well. You also might want to try a bobber hand grip. Using all three will give you the best protection against losing your camera.
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Re: How can i attach a wrist leash to my gopro

Thank you for that.


I believe i understand where you are coming from but i need more confirmation. 


But what kind of mounting bracket? cause for example, I don't always want the yellow bobber so when i don't what bracket?


From my understnading you are saying that i should put the smaller rope at the end through the gamp between the thumb screw and the gopro itself like it would be placed in these 2 mounts.


Can you please expand on this some more?

LIk the brackets, etc.



gopro mounting bracket 2.jpg