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How can I contact the billing team?

I have been following up on my order for 10 days now. The customer support team is unable to help and keeps trying to put me through to the billing team, with success. They promise call backs which never happen either. Ive contacted support about 10 times. Is there any way to reach the billing team? They seem to be the only ones who can resolve the issue



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Re: How can I contact the billing team?

@agilegorge423 I would recommend calling in to our Support Team and asking to wait on hold until you are transferred to the Billing Team. Once transferred the team should be able to resolve any issues.




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Re: How can I contact the billing team?

Thanks @ryanv12566. I tried that, 4 times. I have waited on hold for upto an hour. No luck!


I am now counting on the repeated promises(5 of them) that notes have been sent to the billing team, and they will contact me :)


Quite the ordeal, I must admit

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Re: How can I contact the billing team?

im stuck in the same situation.  i was told my order requires billing verification yet every time they say someone is going to call me back, they never do.  the billing verification team must be one person.  it's absolutely ridiculous that i placed an order on dec 14th with overnight shipping and cannot get someone to validate my information is correct.  ive called at least 5 times and wasted over 3 hrs on hold (the worst piano music).  mind you this is when the site said my order would ship the same day if i ordered by 11am p.  


did you order a fusion?  if so, i'm starting to think the website saying its in stock is BS.